Beets Workin' Farm &

Beets Workin’ Farm is OUR small family farm located in Southeastern PA’s beautiful Lehigh Valley where we focus on growing dozens of unique varieties of garlic available at and numerous festivals and farmer’s markets throughout the Northeast!

EVERYTHING we sell has been grown on our farm and we DO NOT resell product from other producers! And the people you see in the pictures on our site planting, harvesting and cleaning garlic? They’re three generations of our family that lovingly plant each clove by hand, harvest and clean every bulb and coordinate all of the details in-between!

In late 2017, we purchased 250 acres on the Lamoille River in Greensboro, Vermont with the intent of relocating our family and our garlic farm in the coming years. Stay tuned for more exciting news about our Vermont adventures, including our “test plot” harvest at Lamoille River Garlic in 2019!

“Are you Organic?” is a frequently asked question and it’s an important one for those that care deeply about how they nourish their families, including us! Unfortunately, it’s a question that can no longer be answered easily so here goes: We grow sustainably and only use products approved by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) but we are NOT “Certified Organic” simply because we refuse to pay a fee & surcharge for someone to “certify” us. The “organic” label, like most everything it seems these days, has been corrupted by corporate interests and we don’t see the value in participating in their schemes. What’s the most important thing we can tell you about how we grow? We nourish our family with the same garlic & veggies grown on our farm and there’s simply nothing more meaningful we can say than that.