Asiatic, Creole & Turban 

“Soft Bolting” cultivars that will typically scape in colder northern climates but are intermittent in warmer southern climates. Not recommended for extreme northern climates but a great alternative for warmer climates that struggle with traditional hardneck varieties. Produce large colorful bulbs that are the earliest varieties to emerge from the ground and first to be harvested in early summer. Many unique and lesser known varieties becoming very popular due to their exceptional flavors, extreme garlic heat and big bulb potential. Turban varieties have shorter storage life but Creole & Asiatic varieties store well. Customer favorites include: Rose de Lautrec, Asian Tempest, Tibetan, Morado and Korean Red 

Asiatics Varieties: Asian Tempest, Korean Red, Tibetan, Korean Mountain, Pyongyang, Aomori, Japanese.

Creole Varieties: Rose de Lautrec, Ajo Rojo, Burgundy, Creole Red, Pescadero Red, Aglio Rosso, Native Creole, Spanish Benitee, Cuban Purple, Labera Purple 

Turban Varieties: Morado Gigante, Basque, Chengdu, China Stripe, Chinese Purple, Early Portugese, Lotus, Shandong, Thai Purple, Tzan, Uzbek, Xian, Maiskij 


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