About Purple Stripes (including Marbled & Glazed)

Ancestors of all other garlic cultivars. Good choice for cold, harsh environments given their wild origins with “floppy” leaves that spread out more than most. Very attractive bulb wrappers that range from splashes and streaks of purple to almost entirely purple depending on soil nutrient levels. Good storage varieties with flavor that improves over time. Save these varieties for use during late fall/winter. Customer favorites include: Bogatyr, Purple Glazer, Blanak, Chesnok Red, Duganski, Red Grain, Metechi, Vietnamese Red and Belarus.

Purple Stripe Varieties: Purple Glazer, Duganski, Red Grain, Metechi, Vietnamese Red, Persian Star, Deerfield Purple, Ferganskij, Shatili, Skuri

Glazed Purple Stripe: Blanak, Red Rezan 

Marbled Purple Stripe: Bogatyr, Brown Rose, Chesnok Red, Belarus, Bzenc, Choparskij, Jovak, Khabar, Monshanskij, Russian Giant, Northe, Pskem


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