About Rocamboles

Often regarded as the best tasting garlic varieties with complex flavor characteristics. Easy to peel cloves make this a favorite among chefs and foodies. Squat plants with closely spaced wide blue/green leaves. Challenging to grow well, requires very good fertility and cold winters, does poorly in warm southern climates. Overall short storage ability so enjoy these fantastic varieties early in fall. Customer favorites include: Spanish Roja, Sans Creek, Carpathian, German Red, Russian Red, Chamisal Wild, Amish and Legacy.

Varieties: Sans Creek, German Red, Hungarian Purple, Russian Red, Legacy, Amish, Carpathian, Chamisal Wild, Spanish Roja, Ukranian Red, Turkish Red, Doukhobor, Killarney Red, Krasnodar Red, Penasco Blue, Phillips, Temptress, Bavarian, Acuri, Marino, Penn Wonder, Brown Saxon, Pitarelli, Yugoslavian 


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