Chesnok Red

Chesnok Red

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Also known as Shvelisi. BEST variety for roasting/baking. Retains its strong garlic flavors when cooked making it our favorite for Garlic Mashed Taters! Produces large bulbs with 8–10 medium-sized cloves per head.

Origin: Republic of Georgia
Storage: 5-6 months

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Now accepting advance orders for the 2019 crop for shipping in September/October!

SEED GRADE - Ideal for PLANTING ( >2” )
CULINARY GRADE - Ideal for EATING ( <2” )

We start accepting pre-orders on garlic every year on Memorial Day and ship during September and October.

1-4 lbs. = $8.00
5 lbs. - 8 lbs. = $13.20
9lbs. - 12lbs. = $20.00

*Option to pick up order at a market or festival instead of shipping it.

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