Rose de Lautrec

Rose de Lautrec

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Renown "Pink Garlic" of France. Difficult to locate in North America and prized by French cooks/chefs. Unique robust garlic flavor with good storage life. The big cloves are brutally sharp when raw, but very subtle and aromatic when cooked. Averages 10 cloves per bulb that are relatively uniform in size.

Origin: Lautrec, France
Storage: 10-12 months

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Now accepting advance orders for the 2019 crop for shipping in September/October!

SEED GRADE - Ideal for PLANTING ( >2” )
CULINARY GRADE - Ideal for EATING ( <2” )

We start accepting pre-orders on garlic every year on Memorial Day and ship during September and October.

1-4 lbs. = $8.00
5 lbs. - 8 lbs. = $13.20
9lbs. - 12lbs. = $20.00

*Option to pick up order at a market or festival instead of shipping it.

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