Hardneck Garlic
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Over 90+ Varieties of Garlic


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Welcome to Beets Workin’ Farm

Beets Workin’ Farm is OUR small family farm located in Southeastern PA’s beautiful Lehigh Valley where we focus on growing dozens of unique varieties of heirloom garlic. Whether you're in search of culinary garlic for those favorite family recipes or hard to find seed garlic varieties for the backyard garden, with over 90 varieties to choose from your bound to find just what you're looking for!



"Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor!" -W. Cowper


Garlic Varieties

Over 90 varieties, including many unique heirloom varieties originating from around the world.

Planting & Care

Techniques and tips for flavorful garlic and a bountiful harvest!

Festivals & Markets

Come visit with us at these great festivals/markets and get your garlic on!